At the session of the Zagreb Reformist Presidency held on Tuesday in Zagreb, an electoral booth for the upcoming local elections in the City of Zagreb was established.
Zagreb Reformists will be led by Robert Hirc, a member of the national presidency of the party, Alenka Košiša Čičin Šain, party secretary general and national presidency member, Nevenka Lasić, vice-president of the Zagreb Reformists, and Tihomir Novotni, vice-president of the Zagreb Reformists. Nevenka Lasić was appointed as the chief executive of the campaign.

- The Zagreb Reformists have hitherto publicly proposed projects in the field of economy, culture, transport, health, social welfare, tourism and others, but also pointed to problems in our city. We intend to do this even more actively in the future. Politics is perceived as measurable discipline, which has to deliver results, and the bearers of such a policy in managing the money of citizens must be responsible for their name and surname. In Zagreb, we ended the construction of the party's infrastructure and we are going to focus even more intensely on the problems that citizens face in the neighborhoods and the local committees. Reformists will have their own party list in the local elections for the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, for all the 17 Councils of the City Districts and for a large number of the Municipal Councils, said Robert Hirc, and finally concluded that "eventual pre-election cooperation with other political parties would be discussed in project and will not deal with ideological issues'.