HSS President Krešo Beljak, Image Source: Facebook

Only four days left until the HSS election. However, long ago everything is known - the new (old) president will be Krešo Beljak. There is no other way either because there is no counter candidate. Anyone who thought about running - is suspended. The last thing that happened was the head of Zagreb's HSS, Nenad Matić, who only a few hours after the announcement of the candidacy was given a suspension decision.

Earlier, Beljak suspended all those who could endanger HSS's top man. It did not go far in the face of insults or threats, as we've already said before писали on the Dalje.com portal, about which the HSSs also informed the police. He threatened Beljak Matić that he would break him, destroy his political career, to end it suspended after he announced the candidacy for the president.

However, it seems that this will cover Beljak's head, because HSS is beginning to leave the members. Of the remaining two thousand Zagreb HSS's, leaving the party is announced by 500, maybe even more. It's already done Stjepan Horvat, a longtime member of HSS.

Horvat joined the party with 1995. He also founded the branch of HSS Staro Brestje, and he was also president. He was also a member of the General Assembly as well as a representative of HSS at the Zagreb City Assembly, the vice president of the GO HSS of the City of Zagreb and acting President of the House after Beljak suspended Matić. He is now leaving because, as he says, does not recognize the HSS in which he joined before the 22 of the year.

- When I left the party I decided because I did not agree with the leadership policy. I just can not respect the decisions that I have to respect by the Statute, I disagree with them, they strive for the Constitutional Freedoms of Citizens to elect and be elected. I just can not accept it - it's categorical Stjepan Horvat.

Horvat remembers that numerous texts about Beljak's rough calculations with all unbelievers were reported, threats were reported to the police, but Beljak continues to do what he wants, and in just a few days he will be re-elected president because all anti-candidates have been eliminated and before they are they managed to run.

- In the rough, it is a long-term elimination of all unloved. Beljaka tried to talk about the parliamentary advocate Ana Marija Petin as well as the county prefect of Zagreb County Stjepan Kožić, but unsuccessful. I just can not and will not want to participate anymore, but I hope that Krešić Beljak will deal with the authorities because not only has he violated the statute of the party but has also violated the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. And he, as a parliamentary deputy, swore that his constitution and law would be upheld in his work, and then without pausing the constitutional rights of party members, he concludes Horvat.

If Beljakovi did not deal with the unkind, the HSS leaders who opposed the national coalition with the SDP to go would encourage such a new coalition. According to Stjepan Horvat, who confirmed to HNBs for Dalje.com well acquainted with the situation, the desire of Kreš Beljaka to go to the local elections in Zagreb with SDP.