President of the Highest Opposition Party, Davor Bernardi, said on Tuesday that he was visiting N1 Television as SPD against the sale of shares of HEP, and SDP might be for the referendum if the ruling classes insist on that model of INA's return to Croatian hands.

- It is unacceptable for us to sell some of HEP's shares to buy INA. You see that they do not know what the plan is and to buy INA and sell HEP, you see that there are big disunions, we keep the HDZ on the eye when it comes to any privatization, remember what was with INA - the affair Consultant, Hernadi, and Sanader ... and if we talked, we might be a step closer to the solution today - commented the ruling SDP president's announcement.

- Croatia needs to take the lead when it comes to INA's management, Croatia needs to take an active role because if MOL did not invest in INA, in all the processes it was to invest, Croatia must find a way for INA to return to our hands - Bernardic said, who also mentioned SDP's always when it was difficult to "sweep the country out of the crisis," and will now propose a solution.

He announced that his party would potentially be calling for a referendum about buying INA shares owned by MOL.

- Croatia must maintain its energy independence. Selling 25 percent of the stock can directly affect the delivery of electricity and its price. Electricity is not gasoline, hospitals, schools, most vulnerable groups are used. Electricity is as important as water. It does not play. To make sense, there is a model for recapitalization of HEP, but HEP has to strengthen this position, and is not ready for it now - Bernardi emphasized.

The SDP leader also admitted that he was expecting a meeting with Plenković these days, and has announced topics he wants to talk to Prime Minister: minimum wage, continuation of curricular reform, energy independence of Croatia, decentralization. He added that he expected to meet with the President of the Croatian Parliament and the Bridge of Bozo Petrov, according to N1.

Bernardic also confirmed that he intends to start talking about Vatican treaties, adding that he does not enter religion, but in the relationship between the state and the Church.

On the organization of the union within the SDP, Bernardic said that 'the right to organize is the right of all workers and it is upheld.'

"I'm sorry I did not come to talk to all the employees as soon as possible, just now with trade union representatives. We are working on a reconstruction plan in SDP, to be more efficient and to make a better division of labor - said the SDP chief at the end of the conversation.