For his many fans, Damir Kedzo is preparing the first great solo concert in Zagreb, to be held on Valentine's Day, 14.02. in the Culture Factory.
The last year for Kedz was extremely successful. Radio and television ether has won the songs 'Rocky Root' and 'Ronim on the Drum' with the current duo with Zsa Zsom 'Everything is Awakening', which will feature on the upcoming 64. Zagreb Festival. Besides the aforementioned music successes, Kedzo also marked the 2016 with the victory in Show NoveTV 'Your face sounds familiar' where the spectators left breathless with their transformations as well as performances in the musicals 'Sušak, Sušak' and 'Patients'.
Sam Damir is not thrilled with the upcoming concert at Tvornica.
- On Valentine's Day, I'm waiting for you at Tvornica, my home for one night. The first great solo concert in Zagreb. Another big step for me. What I can promise is that I will give all I can, know and feel again, "he told the Cedar fans.