The Zagreb holding through its public transport company, ZET, is implementing a pilot project where free Wi-Fi connection is possible in three frequently changing trams, all in order to check the passenger's interest in this service in the first phase.
Holding's and ZET's novelties, conveyed by, have been running around the 15 thousands of passengers in the last week, as far as the free-traffic trams are concerned, and they have just entered the first statistics.
The first data shows that the travelers most frequently accessed social networks, wrote through Viber and WhatsApp, and read various news portals. The most frequent users are younger travelers, mostly schoolchildren, who have even been noticed and that with the help of the show driving a city to the circle, would stay longer online.
Experimental trams with free Wi-Fi access points are marked with inside labels, which let passengers know how they can use the new ZET service. This project was created as a cooperation between the City, the Holding and the Zagreb Tourist Board.
- Free access to the Internet is available to everyone in the vehicle, and the paid card or possession of the show is not a condition for its use - they are reporting from ZET.
Apart from the trams, free access points will soon be found at the most frequent locations. For starters, one was installed at the Ljubljanica turnaround, and the drive will be released next week.