Boris Laovac
Zagreb, 01.10.2015 - Session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The picture is Boris Lalovac. photo HINA / Daniel KASAP / dk

The BaBe Association spoke about the abuse of Tončica Lalovac, who was abused by a husband, vice president of the SDP and former finance minister Boris Lalovac, as quoted in the Bujica show. Except for her former wife, Mrs. Lalovac mentioned this company as well, saying she did not want to help her, even though she came to help.

Among others, Tončika Lalovac said in Bujica that the BaBe Association, instead of her, attended Nataša Pećarević's lawyer "her" husband.

The BaBe Association disputes these allegations claiming that lawyer Nataša Pećarević has neither been nor has ever been a legal advisor or associate of the association. Communication is transmitted in full:

- The BaBe Association disputes the allegations in the Bujica broadcast on 11. January 2017. years.

Referring to the statements of Mrs. Toncik Anastasija Lalovac, presented in the interview, we would like to point out that lawyer Nataša Pećarević is not a legal advisor or associate of the BaBe association nor has it ever been.

Furthermore, we can not confirm nor reject the claim that Mrs. Lalovac asked for help from the BaBe association because it was not registered with his / her name and surname in our records of legal counseling. It is possible that we have been contacted by phone as an anonymous person for legal advice, as he himself stated in the broadcast. In that case, he has received legal advice, as well as any other person who is anonymous to us. It is quite clear that we can not react to anonymous submissions through the media because we do not know the identity of the person.

The BaBe Association is at your disposal to all citizens and citizens to provide free legal aid in the form of providing legal information and legal advice. We call on everyone who needs such help, including Mrs. Lalovac, please contact us on 01 4663 666 - said in a statement BaBe association.

It is unclear why Sanja Sarnavka, head of the BaBe association, did not want to comment on this case in any way, arguing that he did not want to participate in the Velimira Bujanc show, although she was trying to explain that in such situations the "war hero" should be put aside and try help the abused woman or the righteous person to bring the abuser.

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