The Croatian Red Cross invites all citizens who, in these cold days, lack the warm clothes and shoes to come to the nearest Red Cross society in which they will receive the necessary assistance. Red Cross employees and volunteers who actively work in the field in the last days, helping people in need, found that part of the population lacked adequate clothing and footwear for winter days. The situation is most difficult in parts of Croatia that are under snow and ice, as well as in the areas where poverty is and most often the most prominent.

According to information from Red Cross societies, the most lacking of warm winter shoes for men, children and women, and then clothing, especially for children. Also, in some locations, there is also a lack of warm linen. The need for these cases is most pronounced in the following places: Vukovar, Ilok, Gospić, Donji Lapac, Pregrada, Nova Gradiška, Križevci, Samobor, Duga Resa, Krapina, Garešnica and Labin.

Citizens living in or near these places, having excessive footwear, clothes and bedding or enough resources to buy them, may bring these items to Red Cross companies in the mentioned places, and employees and volunteers will then distribute it to people in need. In order to collect the items as quickly and as quickly as possible, the HCK begs citizens to donate clean and usable footwear, clothing and bedding.

The cold wave of recent days has been most vulnerable to vulnerable groups of people like sick, old, helpless, poor and those who live alone in remote locations. Red Cross Intervention Teams are constantly on the field and help them - bring them food and water, prepare firewood, clean snow, deliver drugs, drive them to a doctor and other places, provide warm clothing, footwear and footwear.