After a successful June "Bicycle to Work" campaign, involving more than 2000 of Zagreb, today's one-week campaign under the European Mobility Week begins today. The "Bicycle to Business" campaign aims to encourage as many people as possible to start using bikes for business at least occasionally, and if they are already biking, they go as often as possible.Bicyclist Union
The first action is already today, Monday 14. September of 7 - 9h, when volunteers of cyclists Union will share breakfast with citizens who are on bicycle business, and will be located on green valley, west-east direction, at the Art Pavilion in Tomislavac. "Of course, we expect a large number of cyclists passing and shared breakfasts, but in general a large number of people involved in the campaign. Every employee can join and encourage colleagues to do the same. And this time the most successful organizations and employees expect beautiful prizes, "said Marko Stančec of the cycling syndicate.
"Participating in the campaign is simple, free and fun," Stančec notes. Everybody who lives or works in Zagreb can register with the web site where they need to complete a short survey of their traffic habits, which does not have to be repeated by those who did it in the June campaign. Registered participants will be able to join teams from their organization and begin to record their travels. Also, you can download the mobile version of the Android or iPhone app and enter the drive automatically with GPS, and those who do not have a smartphone can drive on the computer manually.Bicyclist Union
In addition to its employees, the campaign is designed to help employers build a cycling culture among their employees. Employers, with the help of bicycle cycling advice, can provide better bicycle conditions for their employees in the workplace; more convenient bicycles, secure parking lots and adequate wardrobes.

The project is financially supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program of the European Union, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund and the City of Zagreb.