By the end of 2016. the 10.307 water supply connection legalization was submitted to the water supply system in Zagreb, which is beyond expectations, as fewer than half of the city's expectations were expected. She said it was because the city authorities promised that the connection legalization would be free of charge.

Everyone of this year will be regular planners of the Waterway, and all to explain, already from the City, they reduced the annual losses of this Holding subsidiary. Also, this year, 15 million kuna was provided in the budget to finance the connections to those who will only be connected to the plumbing.

- Requirements can be submitted further and according to the Decision on joining municipal water structures for new connections defined as the City of Zagreb in the form of financial support for citizens, for the household category, compensates for the costs of building connections to communal waterworks - explained Ana Glavan from ViO- adding that every request received has to undergo certain checks and processing, after which the connection contract will be concluded.

With the mentioned 15 million, how much City will be giving this year to turn on the water supply network, it can be funded around 2500 connections. Specifically, six thousand kuna will be allocated for the connection. And this is the amount you have not been able to afford so many Zagreb citizens, reports

- Of course I made a request. And already in August, as soon as possible. We did not intend to steal the water or we did so, but after we had somehow built our own house, we did not have a connection, "said Ana Markovic from Kozari puteva. In addition to water connections, the City will also finance sewage connections, which will eventually obliterate septic tanks.

- In order to begin the process of connecting to communal waterworks, it is necessary to submit a request for a link that can be downloaded from our web site - they said from ViO.