The Theater at Medveščak 2, in recent months, has become a place of exciting events dedicated to the youngest. Since September, 2016. there, his plays play seven independent theaters for children gathered in the first Croatian theatrical cluster

'Dragon's Nest' that make up the Little Scene, the Smješko Theater, the Pentecostal Studio Kvak, the Puna House Theater, the Tiranë Theater, the Tiger Teatar and the Trik Circus Theater.

In the first three months, dragons have been brought to Zagreb's little children by bringing five prime ministers, playing 186 performances, and they are proud to see almost 14.000 visitors in their shows.

Also after the show on the weekend there are organized art workshops, here are held the Circus Advocacy Days, Advent in Dragon's Nest as well as Theater Night. Zmajske radionice i radionica 'Cirkusko učilište', where there was too little room for everyone interested, showed that this dragonfly company was on the right track.

Likewise, encouraging the initiative of 'ticket for the afternoon', visitors have bought the same ticket to those who can not afford it.

See other programs in the coming weeks HERE.