This February, MUO sets up an exhibition of photos of the unprecedented musical genius and art chameleon David Bowie, from the lens of Brian Rašić, produced by the Rovinj Photodays Festival.

Immediately after the death of David Bowie's musical legacy, Brianu Rašić in London telephoned telephones with the expression of condolence to many of Bowie's characters and works. Everyday world media publish Brian's photos and audio visualization reaches its peak.

This exhibition is a multimedia story about David Bowie through the lens of photography master, a rock'n'roll fan, a man who has been dating David Bowie for more than two decades, more precisely from 1983 to 2005 years. Featuring a unique view of the world of an irreplaceable artist who has released twenty-five solo albums, nine live albums, 46 compilation albums, five EPs, three soundtracks, 13 video albums, 51 videos and even 111 singles, and their popularity with new generations subsides.

If there was a term 'music photographer' Brian would certainly be the prototype of the same. For more than three decades she lives and works in London, but also around the world.

In addition to the epic that he is proud of, and above all, the personal photographer of the world's largest Rolling Stones band, Brian likes to say that he is 'objective photo' to collaborate with musicians of the most diverse genres. In the archives there are photographs that in many cases represent 'a small music history'. From Muddy Watters and Chuck Berry, the founder r'n'r, through less than all the leading bands of popular music as well as solo performers, all the way to Frank Sinatra. From Dolly Parton in the country, Metallica in heavy metal or Robbie Williams in pop, from Blondie and Kate Bush to Beyoncé, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Rod Stewart or Bruce Springsteen, Muse or Coldplay - all Brian had in front of his lens - whether they were legends or just younger newer performers.

The opening of the exhibition is 2. February 2017. at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.