03.07.2013., Zagreb - Car Museum of Ferdinand Budickog. Photo: Daniel Butcher / PIXSELL

The Carnival Museum Ferdinand Budicki will not attend this year's "Night of the Museum" event that will take place in 27. January. Though the only Croatian car museum visiting that one night visited up to 15 thousands of people, its leaders decided not to participate in the event because they did not get a lip for the second year in a row from the Ministry of Culture.

According to the head of the Car Museum, Valentina Valjka, of 2013. to 2015., received funds from the Ministry of Culture on a regular basis. Though symbolic amounts of 30 were thousands of dollars a year, they meant a lot because the museum stretched on 1500 square meters and has over a hundred exhibits raised on their own, mostly at their own expense. During the "Night of the Museum" they knew to visit up to 15 thousands of people. No, 2016. there was no financial support from the Ministry of Culture, and so did the museums, because of the huge financial costs of participating in the "Night of Museum", decided to withdraw from this year's event.

- Due to the complete lack of evaluation of all achievements in the past four years related to the work and activities of the Ferdinand Budicki Car Museum by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Museum Cultural Council (through 50 thousands of visitors to the past four "Museum Nights"), the Car Museum Ferdinand Budicki will not participate in the official 12 program. "Night of the Museum" that will happen to 27. January 2017. years. As a Museum that does not have the financial support of the Ministry of Culture (all proposed programs for this year and the previous year have been rejected) and which is being held voluntarily by members of the association, we are no longer able to receive so many visitors free of charge. The "Museum Night" Museum Gate will be opened and the entrance will be possible with the ticket purchased. Free entrance will allow people with psycho-physical damage, Croatian defenders and retirees, thanks for understanding - stands, among other things, on Facebook Wall of the Head of the Car Museum Valentina Valjka.

From the Ministry of Culture, on our inquiry, they sent us an insight into the explanation we transmitted in their entirety:

- Dear Sir, We are hereby informing you that Ferdinand Budiciki has filed a Call for Proposals for Culture 2017 Public Demands. Museum of Music and Visual Arts programs: Educational Workshops and Classrooms "Bešte people - going to car", Exhibition "History of Motoring in Croatia 1945-1985" and Catalog of Car Museum Ferdinand Budicki (catalog already funded) . All programs were considered and valued by the competent Council, the advisory bodies of the Minister of Culture, in accordance with the fundamental criteria. Concerning the Night of the Museum Program, the Ministry of Culture co-finances this event with the organizer, the Croatian Museum Society, while the individual events that prepare museum facilities are not co-financed - says in reply Ministry of Culture Dalje.com portal, but it has not been explained why the Museum of Cars has not received any, or even symbolic, financial support for the second year in a row.

- The Ministry of Culture in terms of public needs in culture has about 7.5 million a year, but for the second year in a row for the Car Museum there was not a single kuna, despite all the results we achieved over the years. This is a classic Croatian story - if you are in the system, you get the money, but if you do not, you do not get it - it's categorical in the interview for Dalje.com bio Valentino Valjak.

Although the ticket price for the 30 Kuna Adult or 20 Kuna for Children is not high, you will not be able to afford to go sightseeing with old-fashioned cars and various other cars that can be found in the Museum Museum of Ljudevita Posavska 48. We are sure, unfortunately, that the order, which during the "Night of the Museum" knew to extend from the entrance to the building and a few hundred meters down the street, this year will be much smaller.