The mono-opera 'A fool's notebook' according to the short story of NV Gogol with Ozren Grabarić in the main role, after more than half a year returns to Scena Pond. The performance was created as a production of the Moving Music Theater and the Center for Culture of Bitola. Composer, stage designer and director is Marjan Nećak, producer Marin Lukanović.

- Mono-opera performed by Ozren Grabarić based on motifs of the same name Gogol's novel, which was skillfully directed by the Macedonian composer Marjan Nećak, is currently the best performance this fall in Zagreb - in 24sat's critics this is the 'Dnevnik jedne ludaka'

In the first season, the performance has won a handful of important awards for the best actor, through music awards, all the way to audience awards.

Take a look at the mono-opera performance schedule HERE.