On Sunday, 22.1. at the Zagreb National Theater in Zagreb, the performance of the award-winning musical "Matilda" is again on the program!

The performance of 'Matilda' children's musical for adults was created by the International Childrens Festival in Sibenik and the Croatian National Theater in Sibenik in June, 2015. years. The play has since gained a cult status in Sibenik and beyond. The authors of the show are: Marijana Nola (libretto) Neno Belan (author) and Nina Kleflin (director).
In the live performance he plays the Fiumens from Rijeka, composed by Neno Belan, Vedran Križan, Leo Rumora and Olja Dešić.
The play themes the right of every child and every man to choose the best possible life, despite the unfavorable circumstances around him.

Dates of performances at HNK Zagreb:

22.1 in 17 and 19 hours

19.2. in 11 hours

9.4 .. in 11 hours

10.4. in 10 hours

7.5. in 11 hours

8.5. in 10 hours and 19 hours