Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović received an Istrian prefect from Valter Flega and Pulski Mayor Boris Miletić at the temporary office in the Pula House of Croatian Defenders, and after the meeting in the press statement he pointed out that the transfer of office in Pula means its contribution to decentralization.

"I strongly advocate decentralization in Croatia on the principle of subsidiarity and the transfer of powers, as well as fiscal decentralization, to ensure that counties, cities and municipalities remain the means to the greatest extent possible so that they can reinvest," the President added and strongly supported the development projects in Istria. As it has been said For many years, many projects have been made in Istria since the end of the Istrian yacht, the other tunnel Učka pipeline to the construction of the railway line from Pula to Rijeka, which means connecting Istria with Kvarner and Kvarner Bay towards central Europe.

"I do not think we can depend solely on tourism. This tourist season was brilliant, the revenue would be good, but for example, the weather was too bad for last year and the revenues from tourism were not satisfactory, "said President Grabar Kitarović

He estimated that "the tourism we currently have depends too much on weather and other conditions" and therefore, she says, "we need to invest in the fundamental production and infrastructure development and tourism that will attract tourists all year round."

According to her, one of the prerequisites in Istria for this is the management of military facilities and therefore, as she said, "it is strange that in the Pula area from Muzila to the former military airport are empty and unused".

"I just can not figure out how many years, since 2001. to date that these facilities are not given to local self-government and how they do not realize projects that would contribute to development ", the president said. As she rated it, they lose the year, irrespective of the fact that this country has so many prerequisites and so many resources for development.

"Why are we at the mercy of the European Union? Because we do not know how to use these resources quickly and efficiently. Therefore, I call on all those responsible in the state administration to solve the issue of military facilities and other property owned by the state that can be handed over to local self-government that knows best the needs and opportunities and which can best initiate projects that will open new jobs "- concluded Kolinda Grabar Kitarović.

Expressing satisfaction with today's conversation, Istrian prefect Valter Flego and Pula Mayor Boris Miletic have said that Istria has been fighting for centuries for centuries.

"Regardless of political differences, we have to work together on the issue of the former military zones. Cooperation is necessary from the state level, that is, the office of the president and the Prime Minister to the counties, cities and municipalities to make us better tomorrow," Miletic said.

The Croatian president then met with the Bishop of Porec and Pula, Msgr. Dražen Kutleš and Alfi Barbarija, rector of the "Jurja Dobrila" University in Pula.

President Grabar Kitarović the next four days, until Thursday 17. September has a temporary office in Pula, at the Croatian War Veterans' House.