Police Officers of the Drug Crime Unit have completed a criminal investigation of two suspects (34,37) and seized over 10 kilograms of marijuana and 11 ml of hemp seed oil. Having the knowledge that 34 is a drug dealership, 17. January, following the bargaining between him and the 37-year-olds, police officers arrested them.

Based on the investigating judge's order, police officers searched for a personal car using the 37 yearbook and found two packs of total 2.248 grams of marijuana, and a search for a personal car using the 34 year-old found ten packages with a total of 7.813 grams of marijuana.

The criminal investigation found that the 34-year-old was currently acquiring a larger quantity of marijuana, which was subsequently concealed and packaged, after which the marijuana was prepared, in quantities of one kilogram and more, resold to other persons, including 37 who also sold the drug further.

Alleged criminal charges were filed against the suspects on grounds of suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of Illicit Trafficking and Drug Trafficking under Article 190. 2 of the CC, and were handed over to the detention center.