Helping the Pensioners Offered by City of Zagreb for January 2017. will be paid through current accounts at Zagrebačka banka, Privredna banka Zagreb, Erste & Steiermarkische banka, Raiffeisen banka, Croatia Postal Bank and via Croatian Post.

Beneficiaries who have open current accounts in these banks will be refunded on Friday, 20.01.2017.

Beneficiaries who receive money through Croatian mail will be paid on Monday, 23.01.2017.

Retirees who have not received the same at the home address will be able to raise them in the post office ten days after the start of the payment.

Pursuant to the Decision on Social Welfare provided by the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 26 / 14,19 / 15, 6 / 16, 16 / 16), the right to financial assistance is granted to pensioners, citizens of the Republic of Croatia who, prior to filing a request for recognition money pensioners reside in the City of Zagreb for at least 5 years, with total income equal to or less than 1.500,00 kn per month.