On Friday, 20. January at the 12 lessons at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb opens a permanent exhibition of the Medieval Collection. The first time after 2002. visitors can view the most varied and most comprehensive collection of continental Croatia so far accessible only through occasional exhibitions.

The Medieval Department of the Archaeological Museum keeps around 6000 objects presenting the archaeological legacy of numerous peoples, tribes and ethnic groups in the 5 period. to 15./16. century. Through 1630 cases, the period covered by the liberation of the people, the Byzantine authorities, the breakup of the Avara and the arrival of the Slavs until the developed and the late Middle Ages were covered. The items are accompanied by extensive texts and maps that facilitate their tracking as well as numerous reconstructions and photographs of objects or sites. Along with the texts and accompanying maps, the exhibition also shows the reconstruction of the subject and the film about the settling of the Slavs.

Special place is one of the most famous monuments not only of the medieval collections of AMZ, but of Croatian archaeological but also of general cultural heritage - the inscription of Duke Branimir from Gornji Muć. This unique monument is extremely important, not only as a Croatian, but also as a general Slavic epigraphic monument, because it is the historical record that 888 is a testimony to it. Mr. Crown (Duke / Prince) Branimir was in Croatia.

The last permanent exhibition of the Media Department of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb was closed to 2002. years. Although occasional exhibitions from the fundus as well as from other museum institutions have been attempting to present Croatian and European medieval heritage throughout the past years, the rich fundus of AMZ was not available to the interested public. Therefore, the completion of works is of utmost importance in terms of presentation of archaeological heritage and public access to objects and sites.