While the north is relentlessly ruthless, in mid-January, it is most difficult for him to come out of the house on weekends and go out. However, there is a place in town that is always warm on the sabbatical and where there is always a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and it also plays great music. Also close this Saturday in the Cage with the Musical Honeymoon - that's what Phaneron will do!

Phaneron is an alternative rock band formed at the end of 2013. (bass, acoustic guitar, ex-band Kanis Mater) and Stefan Nožice (vocals; ex-band Penny Lane). After a couple of months of playing and playing, they made enough material for the first acoustic EP in English, dubbed "Memories" and released their first single and a hit song for the Cold Sharped Knife.

Currently, they are the current singles of "My Word", and will be presented to Cousins ​​in acoustic arrangements, as well as at the very beginning of the band. Will the guys let go of nostalgic tears over time or will it still be melted on chest cheeks before the Musical Pot - come and evaluate yourself on Saturday night!

The entrance to the Cage is free and everyone is welcome, and donations in the pot are welcome, from which all the collected money goes exclusively to the performers in support of their work.