Zagreb, 30.01.2016 - The Croatian Women's Breast Cancer Forum "Europa Donna" and the Croatian Disease Association titled by selling mimosas in Petra Preradovića Square collected funds for their work. The mentioned Associations were thus involved in the abundance of "Mimoza's Day". photo HINA / Denis CERIÆ / dc

Organized by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, the City of Zagreb, Croatia's Cancer Club and in cooperation with the Zagreb Youth Center for Health of the City of Zagreb - The Health Center Zagreb East and Zdravka Association on Saturday, 21. January, the 10 Public Health Action will be held at the Flower Square. The Day of Mimosa and the National Day of the Fight against Cervical Cancer, was announced at today's press conference in the City Administration.

Cervical cancer in Croatia is one of the most common cancer sites in women at the age of 20. to 49. years. In 2015. In Croatia this 111 woman dies from this malignant disease, every third day almost one woman.

Everything that we have been doing in the last ten years is to protect the health and prevention of this disease, said Milan City Mayor Milan Bandić, and invited citizens and citizens to provide support to all who work on the prevention of cervical cancer on Saturday in the Flower Square by purchasing a mimosa branch.

These figures are the reason for organizing public health actions aimed at reminding women that their intimate health is as fragile as the mimosa flower, and that regular gynecological examinations, in this case a papa test, are necessary to preserve their own health, stressed the head of the City Office for Health Mirna Šitum.

Since the 2008, the City of Zagreb has implemented a Cervical Cancer Prevention Program and other HPV-related illnesses in which thousands of parents, teachers and students are educated about sexually-responsive behavior and the potential for HPV infection and cervical cancer. During the implementation of the program, from 2008. to 2015. for almost 3 000 girls, free vaccination against HPV is available.

I heartily thank the mayor for recognizing the program and strongly supporting his public health campaign. In order to prevent it, much effort is needed. I am happy that the incidence of invasive cervical cancer in Zagreb is declining, and I hope that will happen also in the state, said the president of the Cancer League, prof. dr. sc. Damir Eljuga.

Dinka Nakić, the national coordinator of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program, recalled that from 2015. The Ministry of Health allows all boys and girls of the eighth grade of primary and first grade high school free vaccination, but are not satisfied with the response.
I thank the City of Zagreb for being a free HPV vaccine, as well as many other activities. Preventive activities such as the Day of Mimosa encourage women to come to examinations. I would like the example of the City of Zagreb to follow other cities in the Republic of Croatia.

10. The Day of Mimosa and the National Day of the Cervical Cancer Fight this year are held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović and under the auspices of the Croatian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croatia and honorary sponsorship of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.