This year's 13. the ZagrebDox edition will be held by 26. February to 5. March at Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb, which, after thorough refinement, opens its doors just before February. As before, ZagrebDox will offer viewers an eight-day festival review of the most interesting documentary productions in international and regional competition, official and special programs, and a few retrospectives to accompany some of the most important documentaries of today.

Interestingly, they are in the international competition 13. ZagrebDox has included four titles from the current list of Oscar nominations in the category of documentary film. The most striking among them is Zero Days, the latest movie of the famous Oscar and one of the most prolific documentaries of today, Alexa Gibney. Investigating the circumstances surrounding the emergence and spread of Stuxnet, malicious software secretly created by Americans and Israelis to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, the authors are wondering about the new form of war in the world, sajberratovima.

Hooligan Sparrow, documentary debutant Nanfu Wang, was shot in guerrilla video style. In the center of the film are Chinese women rights activists led by former prostitute Ye Haiyan (Hooligan Sparrow). Encouraged by the rape of six primary schoolchildren responsible for the school principal, they try to change the laws that favor rapists. Activists and directors for their work become the target of secret police, which is why most of the film was shot with hidden cameras.

The Oscars list is also a Life, Animated, Affordable Autism Documentary directed by the American Oscar-winner, Roberta Rossa Williams (Music by Prudence), who won the Sundance Award for the film. Owen Suskind was diagnosed with autism in his third year of life, and his parents had to discover overnight how to communicate with a boy who was completely excluded from the world. They quickly discover that they can be helped by Little Mermaid, King of Lions, and many other characters from Disney animated films.

Cameraperson is a film collage made up of unseen recordings by famous US filmmaker and director Kirsten Johnson (Citizenfour, Invisible War, Fahrenheit 9 / 11). The film covers the material created during the quarter of her career as a cameraman, postcards from post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, day nigeria's day routine, intimate family moments at home, and a walk with philosopher Jacques Derrida. Johnson is investigating his work, relationships with people in front of the camera, including the ethical and emotional dimension of the job.

ZagrebDox also features more than twenty new documentaries from Croatian authors, including Biljana Čakić, Goran Dević, Đure Gavrana, Rajko Grlić, Silvestra Kolbas, Kristijan Milić, Silvija Mirošničenka, Boris Poljak, Irena Škorić and Roberto Zuber at various festivals.

The audience's ever-interesting official programs include the Biodetex, the Music Globe, the Happy Dox, the Controversial Dox, the Doom Master, the Condition of Things and the Teen Dox, and this year we are re-introducing the ADU dox, a film program created at the Academy of Dramatic Art. Particularly interesting is the program of Mother and Daughter, composed of films that discuss the complex and always intriguing relationship between two generations of women in the same family. It features a new movie Sanja Šamanović The Legacy, a new film by Polish director Pawel Lozinski, You Have No Idea How Much I Love You and Amazona's Clare Weiskopf and Three Conversations of Life by Julie Staniszewske.


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