In recent years I have often seen this man. In a somewhat oversized suit, he tumbled in the streets of Kozari Puteva without any purpose and somewhat dull expression of the face. He looked like he was looking for something or someone. And then I realized that she was searching for the spirit of a black-and-white woman who was in jeopardy in the middle of the meadow with a knife.

"Yes, that's him," said my old man, driving me toward Volovčica, adding:

- Has he already "drifted off?"

"Yes," I said, "so at least 25 years have passed.

Why did the man who spent my whole life in prison was known? Well, I saw him with a bloody knife in his hand, and this is not forgotten so easily ...

I was seven and a half. I ate bread with pâté and read Zagor - te - neja. Mummy, clutched in the shawl, peeled the plate over the sink and recounted the Dynasty, and in the meanwhile complained of what I was "frowning". Though she tried to force me to concentrate, my focus on the band was stronger. And just as Everyone had bothered and Lord Darkwood decided to break their partnership, the kitchen was a neighbor's banana. First, she was staring at the house, because - she had to apologize to my mother was terribly mysterious.

"Hear that little one does not hear ... There, on the meadow, across the 13 passage, the man attacked the woman with the knife ..." she said, keeping my eye on me.

I did not even marry, I was just waiting for these two ladies to laugh and then went out into the yard, smacked their sister's white pony and started pedaling like never in life. I'm not quite sure why I wanted to see that scene, but when I got to the meadow it was late to repent. I pounced on one of the trees that looked splendid at the time and made two or three steps.

She was lying on the grass that was reddish around her, in her summer dress on the volley, her hair spread. Her hump sprang from the ghostly silence, even though there were about ten astonished, silent people around her. Above him stood the ruler of her life and death, completely calm, with a bloody knife in her hand. And as she stood up, one of the gathered people was waiting for the paperwork, the nearest factory that had a phone. So while the portrayer heard the story, so she believed in it and called an urgent ...

Anyway, the emergency worms were rushed together with the police, and the shutter sound in the sack I remembered today ...

Always, but always when I pass a meadow that has not long since, I look down at the place where a life is over. There was no lawn left in the meadows, and the place of horror concealed the beautiful palaces. I tend to pretend like a man with a knife I expect to see her somewhere between the houses.

Nice, blackhead, in the summer dress on the fly.

Author: Snježana Vučković