In order to raise the quality of health care and to help weaker babies and parents with small children, the first drive-in pharmacy in Zagreb was opened in Retkovac.

Drive-in pharmacy is one of the initiatives that increases the availability of pharmacy care to people who are unable to enter the pharmacy because of certain factors (weaker ones, parents with small children and the like).

The primary goal of such a pharmacy is to facilitate access to pharmacy care to people who, for whatever reason, make it difficult.

It is possible to approach the pharmacy by the pharmacy itself, it is enough to ring the bells and the pharmacy will, through a customized window, issue the medicines to the patient without the need for a patient to leave the car or enter the pharmacy.

The first drive-in pharmacy was opened in Retkovac because it was for director of the City Pharmacy Zagreb Nada Jambrek, which was the easiest in terms of traffic. Drive-in pharmacies plan to open in other parts of the city, and Jambrek believes it will be in other parts of Croatia as it feels that it is easier to realize in smaller towns / settlements.

- The official opening of our first drive-in pharmacy is scheduled for February 2017. However, pharmacy care at the Retkovec pharmacy, Aleja Lipa is available as we have so far, in our pharmacy unit and drive-in pharmacy services, our fellow citizens can already use and use it, "said Director Jambrek.