This week, Tvornica and Božarski Dom hosts two of the biggest winter festivals in Croatia: 'Brijačnica', the biggest rock'n'roll festival and 'Drito', the biggest hip hop festival.

Drito iz Tvornica, a two-day winter hip hop festival, is brought to Zagreb's 27 Culture Factory. and 28. January the best rap line up in this area.

Last year's release featured five bands from the region and sold the Great Drive, so spreading for another day and increasing number of performers is a logical step in the development of events that has become the most important hip hop gathering in the winter months.

The Brijačnica Festival will be held this time at the 27 Bohemian House. and 28. January, and Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Le Cinema, Gatuzo, Čao Portorož and Straight Mickey and the Boyz will play the first day of the festival. The other day, the Brijačnica returns to the stage with the legendary Kojote, which played no more than 15 years! In addition to Kojota, the other day, the Brijačnice will enhance the Color Program, Jonathan, Mašinko, Discohernia and the Killing Offensive, and the festival will conclude in December the lineup of one of the biggest rock bands in the region.