One person was killed in a car accident that happened in American 41 Street in Zagreb. A crash worker was killed in the plane crash.

The Zagreb Holding Company and the Čistoća branch expressed deep regret and sympathy for the family of the tragic workers in Odrako Obrež. There was an accident during this morning's waste collection, and investigative actions related to this event are still under way.

- Employees of the Zagreb Holding Company Ltd. and the Cleaners subsidiary have been disturbed by this event and are sympathetic to the family in a hurry. Workers who witnessed the accident will be provided with psychological assistance, and the family will be in contact with us and we will provide all the help from our side. Although all the competent services reacted in the shortest time possible, unfortunately our colleagues did not help. The Zagreb Holding Company and its subsidiary Čistoća comply with all legal regulations regarding work safety, but unfortunately, there was an unlucky event that was unforeseeable - they said from Čistoće.

As we learn, until the determination of all relevant facts and completion of the investigation, the work tasks of the Clearinghouse Fleet Platoon will be assigned to other employees.