The Devil's Garden will be replayed on Tuesday, 24. January on the stage of the Istrian Zagreb Youth Theater, performed by the Zagreb Dance Ensemble.

Recall, the prime minister was 3. December last year, and the program will be in late February.

The Zagreb Dance Ensemble has prepared a project in collaboration with American choreographer David Hernandez, who has been living and working in Belgium for several years now and with his assistant, French dancer and pedagogue Colas Lucot. The four dancers of the ensemble, Petar Chelfi, Martin Nevistic, Andreja Jandrić and Petar Valentić, joined the creative process by dancers Filipa Bavčević, Sintija Kučić and Kasija Vrbanac.

Devil's Garden is a story about women wandering around the garden and reviving a fraction of moments; lives seen and unseen, created and still unborn. With the help of great artists and performers Hernandez, many women's faces are discussed: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers, partners, patrons ... Everything in the garden is delayed while women are diligent and perhaps in vain.