After a one-week restoration at the Ujevic Foundry, Ivan Kožarić's "Matoš na klupi" sculpture was returned to Strossmayer's promenade on Monday.

The sculpture was removed on Saturday, 5. September, because the fastening screws were too tight, so it was not firmly in place. No more work was needed on it, but never since the 1972 installation. it had not been restored, with patents repaired the patina, and graffiti was removed.

With the "Grounded Sun", the sculpture "Matoš na klupi" is one of the most famous works of Ivan Kožarić, which was marked by the Zagreb public city space. The sculpture dedicated to Matoš is an indispensable point in the tourist walks of Gornji Grad, whereby Kožarić of the famous Croatian writer placed amongst the people, in the city everyday life that carelessly located on the bench watching the beloved city.

On the occasion of 100. anniversary of Matoš's death, last year at the Roseraie park in Issy les Moulineaux near Paris, Kožarić's "Matoš na klupi" was also set up, highlighting the link between the artistic creativity of two authors with French culture. The initiative to cast out Kožarić's sculpture in Paris was launched by the Association of former students of Croatian universities in Paris, AMCA.