City Councilor Podsused-Vrapce Fabian Bartolovic announced the return to the ranks of the political party HSP AS.

"In line with the implementation of inter-party elections at all levels, and in the process of preparing for the forthcoming Local Elections, HSP AS intensifies to strengthen its organizations in the field in all city districts of the City of Zagreb and its suburban settlements. After daily presentations of new party strengths from Nuštra to Ogulin, from the Pregrade to the Krapinske Toplice to Mali Bukovac and Koprivnica, from Zadar to Skradin, we are happy to return to our former members whose political habitus was and remained righteous - old-fashioned and certainly im is a place in HSP AS. City Councilor Podsused - Vrapče, Fabijan Bartolović responded to our call and returned to the ranks of HSP AS of 24.01.2017. The old flock was welcomed by the officials from the HSP AS City Council, the president of the GV HSP AS of the City of Zagreb and a representative at the City of Zagreb Assembly Robert Balić dipl. ing, and Party Secretary Pero Ćorić, "says a statement from HSP AS.

- In politics, you have certain gaps that you can not retreat because it is difficult to return to them later. HSP AS can proudly say that it has never acted on the track of daily - political movements, and we fully expect and invite all parties, associations and prominent individuals recognized in our program to join us. Maybe we are not on the same boat today, but we certainly have the same direction - Pero Ćorić finally said.