Now the traditional "Night of the Museum" is held this year throughout the Zagreb County. Their door to all museum visitors opens on Friday, 27. January 2017. year in 18: 00 hours, and occasional exhibitions and workshops, as well as a permanent set, visitors will be able to visit for free.

The Turopolje Velike Gorice Museum for its visitors has prepared projections of ethnographic films, and with the permanent exhibition of the Museum and the exhibition of Christmas cribs "Spava mali mali Božić", Maja Novak and Zlatko Odrčić will hold workshops for making jewelery and figurines. The music section of the program will feature the musicians of the Franje Lučić Art School and the chamber-pop band Mixed up Mary.

The "Night of the Museum" in Dugo Selo will take place in three locations. An exhibition of works of art created at the art colonies in "Gorica" ​​will be opened at the Little Gallery, and in the hall of the Open University, the exhibition will be devoted to the documentation and the photo documentation of the Dish factory "Gorica", while in the immediate vicinity of the "Preporod" "Visitors can see the exhibition of traditional instruments owned by the CDU" Preporod ".

Several open-air exhibitions, workshops and concerts will be organized at the Open University Vrbovec. Along with the permanent exhibition of the Museum Collection, visitors will have the opportunity to see the documentary exhibition "Traditional Instruments", visit the artwork "Let's Play Music" and enjoy the concerts of HKUD Petar Zrinski and Suondtrack Ensemble.

The Jastrebarsko Cultural Center and the Jastrebarsko City Museum and Gallery will present the tradition and current city performers and collectors of musical heritage, such as sound reproduction and music recorders. The most interesting part of "Night of the Museum" will certainly be "Plant Concert" as a result of more than 40 years of research related to the sensitivity and intelligence of the plant world.

Samobor will mark the "Night of the Museum" with the exhibitions of Mirjana Jelašac "If the trees spoke - the destiny of Wagner" in Little Hall and the Prica Gallery lobby. Visitors have also organized a workshop of stage puppet "Žabice - zijevalice" and art workshops for children and adults "Autoportreti". The program will end with a projection of the play-documentary film "Frankofonija".

The program of St. John Zeline Museum begins with child cryptography workshops, and continues the concert of the Croatian Singing Society of Zelina and on the occasion of the 265 anniversary of the last triumph of witches in Croatia by surrendering to three green "goblins" who were sentenced to death.

In the Ivanić-Grad Museum visitors will enjoy the soundtrack of the cosmos with the exhibition of the light installation of the Incognita - Lux card, and will also travel from the present to the past through music events in Ivanić-Grad in the past 120 years.

Zaprešić will pay tribute to Stipana Tadic's exhibition "Motives from Zagreb's surroundings" at the Museum "Matija Skurjeni".

The exhibition "Romans in Brdovec" will be open at Brdovec Museum. The exhibition presents a cross-section of the research work of the Brdovec Museum in the field of archeology over the last three decades. The Ivana Perkovac Association in Šenkovac prepares a rich music program featuring folk and tamburitza folk groups, Croatian traditional music workshop and the exhibition "Who are the musicians of the mountain music?"

You can see more about programs, exhibitions and museums here.