The Croatian Social Liberal Party on Thursday at the Journalism House in Zagreb in 11 Hour Organizes a Round Table on 'Water Law is Human Rights'

- The Republic of Croatia increasingly recognizes the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources as a strategic interest and a prerequisite for sustainable development and prosperity of future generations. Several years ago, initiatives were launched in the European Union for water and drainage to be proclaimed by human rights, and water was treated as a public good rather than a commodity. The first country that guaranteed the availability of water to its citizens was the Republic of Slovenia - they note from HSLS.

The Croatian Social Liberal Party considers that the Republic of Croatia needs its citizens in the same way to ensure the right of access to water and the preservation of its quality for human use.

- We also believe that this right can be effectively achieved and guaranteed only if it is defined not only as a statutory but also as a constitutional provision. That is why it is necessary to change the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia that can be conducted by referendum or by request of the fifth of the total number of parliamentary deputies, which we consider to be more appropriate for the sake of public money savings - they call from HSLS.

- We initiate this initiative aware of the fact that various factors and circumstances have made us subject to pressures and possibly those who would have to sell the most valuable of our natural wealth. This would call into question the integrity of our sovereignty and the sovereignty of deciding on their future. For this reason, we consider water as the basic living resource at this moment and its availability should be declared fundamental human right. Only in this way water will not be marketed, and public water supply systems are commercialized - concluded HSLS president Darinko Kosor in the end.