The memorial apartment of Marija Juric Zagorka joins this year's theme of the Night of the Museum; 'Music and musicians and their influence on society', by Marija Juric Zagorka and Zinka Vilfan Kunc. The world-renowned and renowned opera diva, soprano Zinka Kunc, was the Champion of the Croatian National Opera in Zagreb by 1928.-1936. And 1937. for the first time in the New York Metropolitan. Zagorki donated 1931 lentu. which will be exhibited to the visitors of the Memorial House by Marija Juric Zagorka.

Letting music permits the development of character, pleasure, and education, and citizenship will be able to enjoy the music program / listening to rock opera Grička Witches in the Memorial House of Marija Jurić Zagorka thanks to Croatia Records.

Zagork's political engagement by organizing the first women's demonstrations at St. Marka, Lea Jager The King describes the first episode of his Zagorka comic booklet that a visitor can see at the exhibition. In the second episode of the comic book, the author deals with her forcible marriage to a two-year-old man who represented an exceptionally good temper and points to the position of women in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and (non) the occasions they met.

DIY LED hologram with a Zagorka character, inspired by contemporary world museum practice, introduces us into a new-media expression of content interpretation at the Marija Jurić Zagorka Memorial Apartment. DIY LED hologram Zagorka is based on POV - persistance of vision, which is actually an optical illusion. Thanks to the collaboration with the association from the window of the specialized library of the Women's Studies Center, visitors will be welcomed by Zagorka!