Legendary Marijan Ban performs at Boogaloo Club on Friday 17.02. After the reopening of the cult club Boogaloo and the opening of the concert season with the concerts of Jure Stublić and the groups of Film, Zadruge and Dead Kenedy in the new year on the program are the concerts of General Dangers, Marijana Bana and Dictator and Greetings Novi Valu.

After the break-up of one of the most popular Dalmatian pop rock bands of all time, Dalian Coast continued to perform and perform all their timeless hits. With accompanying Dictator band, Ban will take us through all the anthological hits of "The Marine Fair", "You Are You" and "With Me", through the "Pink Boat", "This is Not My Time", "From the Sea to must "," up to the "Daleka obala", "the night is wonderful", "14 palmi" and many others.