The Croatian Social-Liberal Party organized a roundtable on topic "Right to water is human right" on Thursday at the House of Journalists in Zagreb at 11.

Among the many issues related to the water problem as one of the most important resources, HSLS's position was most strongly emphasized in the debate on the necessity of amending the Constitution when it comes to water.

- HSLS, starting from its fundamental principles of protecting the interests of individuals, citizens and the state, considers it necessary, by the Croatian Constitution, to proclaim the right to water as a fundamental human right - was emphasized during the discussion.

HSLS President Darinko Kosor has outlined a number of reasons why the Constitution should change.

- Water is a vital resource, so the dependence of a man on water must not be subject to the interests of the market or any other interest, but the right to water is the primordial right of man. I also believe that legal provisions are not strong enough to guarantee that water will continue to be non-commercially good because law changes are easily enforceable and there is always a risk of misuse of their alteration to the detriment of the public interest. Therefore, we believe that constitutional proclamation of the right of access to water for human consumption is the best legal protection against the growing tendencies and pressures for the liberalization of the water supply market - said Kosor.Darinko Kosor

HSLSs have warned that the privatization of water supply inevitably leads to a rise in the price of services 'primarily for profit making which creates the risk of delivering water as a common good can be denied.'

- We propose that the existing Constitution of the Republic of Croatia be supplemented by a new constitutional provision by which water resources are primarily in the function of supplying citizens and households. In this sense, water should not be marketed. In Croatia, water resources are legally regulated as non-commercial generic benefits. However, changing the law is procedurally and operationally much easier to implement than would have been the case with the Constitution where the procedure of change is much more complicated. As a highly indebted country, Croatia is exposed to various pressures and even those that could result in the sale of the most valuable of our remaining natural resources. There are many negative experiences in the world with the privatization of the water supply system, which is accompanied by the high cost of delivering services. That is why there are examples of privatization and subsequent recapitalization of this activity in some of the larger European cities. Bearing in mind the economic and social situation in Croatia, we believe that in the area of ​​water services it is necessary to ensure supervision and regulation of this activity. Given that water demand is growing more and more due to population growth, poor water quality in the most abundant countries of the world, due to climate change, the need for greater control of renewable water supplies to which Croatia is above average are high - they have explained their views and the HSLS- sheep.