On the occasion of 284. pilgrims of Zagreb's believers at the shrine of Mother of God Bistrička, held last weekend, mayor of Zagreb City Milan Bandić sent an apology to the citizens for overlapping the pilgrimage with the INA Delta Rally motor racing and the complicated passage of pilgrims to Marija Bistrica:

- Traditionally devotional pilgrimage to the shrine of the Mother of God of Bistrita, and this year, many of our fellow citizens visited us. Unfortunately, 284. Pilgrimage to Zagreb's believers overwhelmed the weekend with the INA Delta Rally motorcycle race, which made it difficult for pilgrims to pass through Marija Bistrica.

Thus, the passage for pedestrians for their safety was limited in time to the part of Kašina towards Lazu, while the alternative traffic direction Zagreb - Sesvete - Belovar - Moravce - Laz Bistrički - Marija Bistrica for which there was no traffic restrictions was provided for the drivers.

I apologize to all the citizens of Zagreb, the faithful and especially the pilgrims for their mistakes in organizing and overlapping these two events. For the years to come, it has already been agreed with the organizers that such overlaps or omissions will not be.

With an apology, I thank you for your patience and understanding, "Bandic said.