New Freedom of Flight Release, which has been held in Zagreb since 2010. year, will be held last time at the old 04 airport. February 2017. years. Let's remember, the flight freeze course is the only such specialty course in the region, whereby the International Airport Zagreb stands alongside the major European metropolises, such as London and Berlin, where such courses are held for more than 30 years. In seven years of maintenance, the course was attended by several hundred satisfied participants, and its performance was high in the 96 percent.

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias because it feels even a 64 percent of women and 34 percent of men. Like other phobias and fear of flying is subjective, caused by the fear of loss or separation, and what is interesting is that this fear occurs later in life, even in 30. for years, even after the person has been busy spending countless times. The cause for such fear can be the birth of children, and some traumatic experiences during the flight, such as turbulence and the like.

For this reason, the course is designed to teach a variety of relaxation techniques through a lecture by experts from various areas, psychologists, cabin staff, pilots, meteorologists, and familiarize themselves with the flight and sound process in the aircraft to find the source of fear and then , in most cases disappeared.

"Many students are reluctant to hear that the plane can not go off until the pilot checks absolutely every device or when they hear that the aircraft can fly with only one engine or land on the water surface without any one," said Matej Emer, the organizer of the course.

After a lecture that lasts until afternoon hours, and held by specialists who have undergone special training in London, follows the practice of flying on a jet plane. The students then have professional help because their cabin crew during the flight literally explains every noise.

This year, last time, the attendants will take off from the old terminal of the Zagreb International Airport. Recall, the opening of the new terminal was announced for March this year, before which it carried out or carried out more than 80 of various tests to check the functionality of the new terminal before it was opened.

Organizers say they are confident that after this course the attendants can hardly wait to try their best to fly from the new airport. Applications for the course are ongoing at