The singing couple Damir Kedzo and Zsa Zsa have fully won 64. the edition of the Zagreb Festival, winning the song 'All in My Womb'.

Let us remind you that this song came out of an extremely successful author's workshop by Ante Pecotić, and after only a few weeks of broadcasting, it has fallen into the tops of the radio top list.

- I do not know when I was so much more peaceful on the scene. There was not even a desire to win, this is the least important in music. I think I'm talking in the name of Zsa Zsa when I say that we just wanted to have a wonderful song share with you and sing it from the heart of the live. Thanks to the orchestra that followed us flawlessly, it was a great pleasure to sing in such conditions. About no song I have hitherto engaged so much about this, the mitigating circumstance was that Ante Pecotić gave me the confidence to choose the right person for the arrangement - Kedzo said.

Not even Zsa Zsa's excitement and delight with victory and performance did not waver, saying 'Thank you Damir for charging me batteries every time we sing this song! Thank you for everything you are, a motivator, a person I study everyday, and above all a friend.

Damen Kedzo, after the Zagreb Festival, continues with the preparations for the first solo concert in Tvornica, on Valentine's Day 14.02.2017 ..