On Facebook, a group of 'Find the Zebra' has recently appeared on which the Zagrebers publish abandoned, and rather dangerous, pedestrian crossings. The group was initiated by Robin Zlatić, a 44-year-old computer scientist from Zagreb, because he "wants to somehow influence the disastrous state on Zagreb's roads".

"I started to notice 2014 intensely. years. One time I walked around the tarmac, and beside me, he passed the car. Twenty to thirty feet in front of me suddenly walks the woman with a wheelchair from the sidewalk straight to the road. And that seemed pretty scary. All right, the car stopped, the woman passed, but nowhere was it seen that there was a zebra there. Only when I walked to this place for a couple of feet I realized that it was a badly marked pedestrian crossing. If I did not see it as a pedestrian, then it is even harder for someone in the car to notice that it is actually a zebra, "Zlatić told Telegram.

Since then, he has been walking around the city, recording zebras that are either invisible or invisible and announces them in the hope that something will change. That incident from 2014. he reported to the authorities.

It was the end of 2014. when I reported the situation to the Zebra in the Susedgrad district office. The officer had to go to Google Maps to determine the exact location of that neglected zebra, though it was only 200 meters away from his office. This unfortunate zebra was restored only in the spring of last year. I can notice that they are very up to date - concludes Zlatić who will continue to publish zebra photographs and invite other citizens alike.