Six documentary films in the official Biographic Dox program allow the public an unprecedented insight into the personalities of various public figures of the modern age. We highlight Brunhill Pomsel, the closest associate of the notorious Joseph Goebbels, who died a few days ago at 106. year of life.

A German Life

Pomsel was the protagonist of the German Life (A German Life) film and worked as secretary and stenographer of the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. The film is the work of four authors: Christiana Krones, Olaf Müller, Roland Schrotthofer, Floriana Weigensamera. In 105. year-old Pomsel gave his first and last detailed interview in the film. With a clear omission of admiration, he admits he worked in the very center of the Nazi propaganda machine, doing tasks such as diminishing the statistics of killed soldiers and overwhelming information about the number of Germs raped by members of the Red Army, and describing his position as "any other business".

Marina Abramović and Brazil

Spanish director Marco Del Fiol, who has devoted himself to filming contemporary world artists for the last ten years, brings another spiritual avant-garde of the artist, Marine Abramovic. In the film Interprostor - Marina Abramovic and Brazil, the famous performing artist goes to Brazil to seek spiritual healing. Her journey consists of meeting with healers and wise men in the Brazilian interior, revealing the boundaries between art and spirituality. The film includes healing treatments, spiritual rituals, shamanic processes. Combining the spiritual thriller and the film of the road, this documentary brings unprecedented access to the intimate creative process of one of the most important artists of our time.

Steam on the River

The passage of glory is the theme of the Steam on the River documentary by Philip Remunde and Robert Kichhoff, as witnessed by the absurd, humorous but partly tragic story of three extremely gifted jazz lovers in the line of distinctive personalities. Trumpeter Laco Deczi, saxophone player Lubomir Tamaškovič and double bass player Ján Jankeja left the former Czechoslovakia at the peak of glory and moved to the west, New York, Paris and Stuttgart. Just like steam that appears above the river quietly and then disappears, this film shows that the glory of the artist is temporary and temporary. The Czech documentary Philip Remundi remembers the Czech dream and the Stupid People shown at ZagrebDox.

Reinvention of Normal

British author Liam Saint-Pierre in the Reinvention of Normal film brings a portrait of Dominic Wilcox, artist, inventor and designer who in passionate pursuit of new ideas turns ordinary and everyday into surprisingly, strangely, and provocatively. Wilcox has successfully maneuvered to normalize in a unique way. The Film of Normal Recognition won the best documentary awards at the short film festivals in New York and Berlin.

Keep Quiet

Do not tell anyone (Keep Quiet) is a complex portrait of a reformed neo-Nazi director directed by Sam Blair and Joseph Martin. Csanad Szegedi, a member of the extremist conservative Jobbik party in Hungary, as well as the founder of the Hungarian Guard (paramilitary wing of the aforesaid party), reveals the secret of his family for decades: his mother's parents were Jews. After the initial shock of Szeged, he travels on a personal journey from a convoluted anti-Semitic to an Orthodox Jew. Occasionally concerned, but also inspirational, the movie Do not Tell anyone examines difficult questions like identity, transformation, and faith.

Ada for Mayor

Film The Mayor (Ada for Mayor) by Pau Faus follows Adu Cola during one year, from the beginning of her candidacy until the day she was elected to the mayor of Barcelona. The film allows viewers to witness firsthand the suspicions and contradictions they face with the wisdom they have acquired during the year of transformation from the activist to the mayor. Aiming towards transparency, the film portrays a new understanding of politics that radically changed the political image of that country.