Although only a few sessions will be held at the end of the current session of the City Assembly, HNS finally has its Club of Representatives. There are two HNS deputies, Tomislav Stojak and Vesna Roje, and two HSU deputies, Vesna Sudar and Davorka Vukadin Samardžić.

Tomislav Stojak was unanimously elected as president of the new Assembly Club, while Davorka Vukadin Samardzic was elected vice president.

- This is primarily about the cooperation of good colleagues and friends from two friendly parties that work very well at the national level, which also have a club in the Croatian Parliament. Quality, with concrete programs, we cooperate at the national level, and we plan to apply it in the City Assembly - said Tomislav Stojak at a press conference where the new Assembly Club was presented.

Co-operation and local elections in May

This assembly cooperation is also an introduction to co-operation in local elections, Stojak announced, and Davorka Vukadin Samardzic confirmed. As things stand, the HSU in Zagreb will support the HNS candidate for Zagreb Mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš, who was present at the conference with HSU leader Silvana Hrelja.

By setting up the Assembly Club, explained Stojak, he will be able to be more active at the sessions because, apart from individual discussions about certain decisions, he will now be able to appear in the name of the Club.

"Of course, we will make sure that the Assembly Speaker does not use it as a pre-election circus, as it was before the parliamentary elections, when those who have the majority in the Assembly tried to make decisions that were not good and which only burdened the city budget , and were only made in order to make some people with our money, with your money, with the money of all the citizens of Zagreb to fight for parliamentary mandates. We will try to stop it if it does, and I hope it will not - it was categorical stojak and added that they would also control those 200 million for the increase in the HDZ Budget Amendments.