New Theater Season 2015 / 2016. The Zagreb Youth Theater is officially opened on Sunday night, 13. September - along with an occasional exhibition of portrait photographs by our actors - from the lens of the famous photographer Mare Milin. The director of the Zagreb Youth Theater Director Snježana Abramović Milkovic addressed the audience, announcing a rich premier season starting Friday 25. September performance by Dracula, based on the motives of Brama Stoker's novel, directed by Andrása Urbán, was produced in co-production with SNG Maribor and Fondazione Teatro Due from Parma. By the end of the calendar year, we have a great ensemble of performances - "Hinkemann" by Ernst Toller and director Igor Vuk Torbice (premiere scheduled for November 7) and "Magic Bob" by Thomas Manna's novel, directed by Janus Kice (December 30). The Zagreb Youth Theater will be open to dance performances, as well as all other performance performances and theatrical and co-production models.
The photojournalist Mare Milin with his portraits of the actors of the Zagreb Youth Theater, using black and white techniques and analogous recording methods, managed to capture the refined style of those special shades of glorious actor personalities that together make a compact and distinctive ensemble, which can be noticed in all performances of the Zagreb Theater young.