Sunday at the Food Film Festival in Zagreb started scent with a spice factory workshop held by chef Raul Lajtman and a workshop of renowned chef Kristijan Misirače and gastronomy by Rene Bakalović, who along with the detailed instructions of Sao Štule enologist slashed tastes with wines.

Chef Raul Lajtman advised many gourmets to use spices and made a small experiment because half the rice spice was spiced with a fresh mother's nose and half with a dry mother's nose to show that there were no differences. He also taught visitors how to properly spice up and bake the steak, made chicken gyros, Tzatziki salad, roasted jelly rice and pasta with only three ingredients.
The chief of the kitchen was taken over by Rene Bakalović, Kristijan Misirača and enologist Saša Štula who decided to make the construction and deconstruction of ajngemahtec or zagreb chicken soup.
The projection of the Indian spice in French fashion with Hellen Mirren in the lead, many spectators were eagerly awaiting.

Tonight at 21 watch is the cult Taiwanese film "Eat Drink Man Woman" from 1994. nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.