Officers of the Independent Tax Fraud Detection Section of the Ministry of Finance, the so-called. of the USKOK taxpayer, had another well-organized criminal ballot in the center of the group that, through fictitious business, took out as many as 57 million from various companies.

The main suspects, with the total number of 21 people arrested in this action, are Zagreb's entrepreneurs Svetislav Josimović and Juraj Puškar. Josimovic runs a number of companies, and Puškar is also known as the driver of autoutrk, and was also head of the Zagreb Racing Team.

According to the charges of the USKOK tax, Josimovic and Puškar are charged with being the main organizers of the criminal association in which several other suspects and their companies were introduced. Their "activity" was finding directors, responsible persons in other companies who were interested in drawing money from these companies. Thus the companies behind which Josimovic, Puškar and other affiliated members issued fictitious bills for various goods and services to the companies with whose responsible persons they joined, and then those directors approved the payment even though, according to the charges, no services were provided nor were the goods delivered.

Most of the funds were then raised by the organizers and they split the cash. In what proportions the coin was shared, ie whether they took "only" a small commission for themselves and most of them gave to the managers of the damaged companies, it is not yet known. In any case, in this way cash was raised and divided around 47 million, while about 10 million of the cash withdrawn was left for the regular business of their companies.

Among the most disadvantaged companies are mentioned managers of Westgate, Shopping City Zagreb and Zagreb Shopping Center. Large funds were also drawn from Oktal Pharma, Emporion Plus, IMG Zagreb and a whole range of other companies.

Among the detained directors of the damaged companies are the chairpersons of Oktal Pharma Marijan Škiljević, Sanja Bogunović Krnetić from Spana, Danijel Artenjak from the Advanced Models, Joško Čupić from IMG Zagreb, Ivan Matijević from Matela, Zdravko Živković from Emporion Plus, Ante Mlinarić from MB Auto , Emilio Krstić from Arkady and others, writes Jutarnji list.