Dalje.com will support Sandra Švaljek in the elections for the mayor of Zagreb. This month we celebrate 10 years of work (first as javno.com and then dalje.com) and in those ten years we were always neutral at all elections.

This time we will not. But we will not become activists because we continue to believe that it is incompatible with journalism.

And in these elections in Zagreb newspaper reports, analysis and news on the portal dalje.com will be objective, ideologically neutral and impartial. As will, in any case, always be. Subjective to dalje.com can only be comments.

That is why Sandra Švaljek will have a "privileged" status during the campaign only in editorial comments. Like this one.

Milan Bandic has already been the chief of this city for 17 years. The formal mayor is a little less than that, for the title had to be left over for a couple of years by Vlasti Pavić. The last mandate he and the citizens will not remember well. Attempts and investigations against Milan Bandic and his associates blocked the work of city administration. There is no indication that this will change, and Zagreb should no longer be the hint of Bandić's fight with the judiciary. And most of Milan Bandic's longtime associates admit openly that they have been tired or have retired or retired somewhere earlier.

And Bandic has tried to escape Zagreb from a national scene several times. In recent years, Zagreb has only been in reserve.

And Zagreb needs the mayor to be the place to be more than a comforting reward. And that is one of the main reasons why we will support Sandra Švaljek and why we think it should have won the largest number of votes in May in the May elections.

All the prospective candidates for the Mayor, and so will probably be when HDZ and SDP members are also known, they have seats in the Parliament, many of them openly dream of their national career.

Sandra Švaljek is the only one from so far of all known candidates for the position of the mayor who did not compete in the parliamentary elections. Though you probably could spell a place on a list that would have pushed it to the Sabor, it did then only campaign for local elections.

The first pointed out the candidacy for the mayor of Zagreb and was the only purpose dedicated to it while the current mayor held the sessions of his future imaginary government in Knin.

Bandic, whatever he thought of, was once dedicated to Zagreb. It is not long and it is time for the citizens to get someone who is.

Of all the now offered Sandra Svaljek is the best choice. If for nothing else, and then because it does not offer as much of it as concrete measures.

It measures the redistribution of the city budget, not its pumping. Bridges and cableways would all build, "find ways" to complete the University Hospital, automate traffic and solve the waste problem without polluting the environment. Let's say that these are "common" points for everyone in the program.

Švaljek offers more, and as Bandic's deputy she has also introduced a city administration system that needs to be changed and shaken. Everything has accumulated there, especially lately.

When Svaljek led the town while Bandic was in custody, we were her greatest critics. We believe, and we still believe that Zagreb can not take anyone without a choice. And how to properly prepare for these elections. And announce candidacy on time. What in HDZ and the SDP are not working hard. Which they underestimate the citizens.

Sandra Švaljek has another advantage over other candidates. It is not a member of a political party. And nothing destroys Croatia and all its cities as party retaliation and personnel.

And that's the biggest problem with Anke Mrak Taritaš. No matter how long she wanted to distance her from HNS - she does not go. And as long as her electoral team wanted to link Sandri Svaljek HSLS - it does not pass. HSLS will receive only seats on the Electoral List for the City Assembly from Sandra Švaljak as would any HNS and any other party support it.

Sandra Švaljek is certainly not going to party weekend with HSLS gatherings as Mrak Taritaš goes to Tuhelj at the HNS PR workshop, or there Darinko Kosor's crotch as Mrak Taritaš cats Srećko Ferenčak.

The great campaign that Mrak Taritaš has shows is that something in the spa is doing and not just enjoying it, but it does not help too much to citizens who deserve a good mayor and not a good actress. The election for the Mayor of Zagreb is not a choice for Miss simpatics.

And while Mrak Taritaš offers blue poles, Sandra Švaljek offers a solution to how much the amount of money each year paid out of the city budget for children's sports really is spent on sports children.

Namely, now Zagreb pays financial assistance to various sports clubs (Dinamo and Mamić most) for the maintenance of youth and children's sports facilities, but parents of all the children who are training anyway pay for these trainings. Because, money eventually ends up settling for professional duty obligations (at best, if not in the private hands of sports and city officials).

And the parents of many children these trainings can not afford. It is paradoxical that precisely because of such children this item exists in the city budget. That every child in Zagreb has the right and ability to train some sport. What is not the case today.

Sandra Švaljek suggests giving parents their cash vouchers for training rather than giving money to club presidents. We will all agree on the future of children as they are safer hands.

And the school hall wants to return to the students for sports activities. Now they serve as a playground for older shooters and additional earnings for some.

This proposal does not need, unlike the projects proposed by all others, to cost citizens anything. And many of its children will have an immense benefit.

Sandra Švaljek does not shine in public performances like Milan Bandic and Anka Mrak Taritaš. Nor does he build himself as a political brand. He does not strike at opponents. The function of the mayor is not seen as a reward, but as a job and a responsibility.

Sandra Švaljek is not immune.

If she had thought of herself as not inclined to deviations, she saw instances of her husband and his sister that every power collapsed, and absolute power collapsed absolutely.

Sandra Švaljek is not ungainly, but the sins of her counter-candidates are much greater than her. Already this text is long enough not to mention just some of them.

And most importantly. While Sandra Švaljek presents new ideas, others present themselves mostly. When and for no other reason, only for this would they publicly support Sandra Švaljek for the mayor of Zagreb.

She does not ask us to trust her but to obey her. He does not claim that he knows everything. It is our job to question and question. Everyone and everyone.

That is why we support Sandra Švaljek. Not because we trust her most. But why we least doubt it.

And for some of her ideas. Especially about sports vouchers. If there is no need for children in cities, then it is a matter of doing some sport.

And if anything to the citizens and to the democracy of Zagreb needs, then it is the change of the chief man.

Sandra Švaljek has already proven that he can and can do it. Since then, he has learned a lot. This time she got ready for work and prepared. First and foremost of all. And he owes nothing to anyone.

If the people of Zagreb want a real change, then the change has the face of Sandra Švaljek.