We talked this morning with Dark Kleinberger, a trade unionist at the Zagreb Holding. The subject of course was employment in a company where the employment ban is still in force. We have also discussed the Collective Agreement and some other topics.

What's the situation with the Collective Agreement in Holding, since you have been running numerous battles since it's canceled?

The fundamental collective agreement is in full application, the Supreme Court has presided over, and will remain valid until the negotiations are changed (Article 185 shall apply as long as others do not interfere). In some branches (ZET) they try to bypass them, and those unions need to react immediately!

Employment in Holding? Although the Mayor's ban on employment is still valid, there are many people employed there, mostly according to the "party key"?

Employment in ZGH is a constant topic, especially before and after the elections. We have a constant shortage of workers, and the surplus of the employees - the workers in the operative are coming to the required workers, for example, through dumplings, mainly through temporary and temporary employment agencies, while job inquiries are coming directly to the indefinite and mostly party-based contract. But of course, of course, I have talked to countless times for various portals and newspapers.

Was there any new employment since HDZ and Bandic (again) were in good relations?

There are always new jobs, and even after the budget has been issued, and we will name the names in particular.

What is your position in Holding? The board is always praising good business results, but is it really so?

The GAO's status is financially good, at least on reports and audits, but there is a chaos in procurement and protection at work. The problem of skilled workers in managerial positions is more pronounced, because the question of work experience for the job vacancies bypasses the party key so the job is going for now only and exclusively by inertia and thanks to the commitment of workers in the operation. Good results were also helped by our renunciation, on behalf of workers, material rights over two or more years.

How do the "ordinary" workers work in Holding? I've heard of numerous cases of mobing, especially in the branch of the Zagreb Road? Do the most common "bosses" get the job over the link ?!

Ordinary workers who are doing everyday operations in the operating system are getting harder and harder. Missing them, mobbing is done by unprofessional and incompetent bosses who think that it is their firm and that they are god-given because it is covered by a party force. They do not respect human dignity and are a major burden to the system, and they do not even know it. There are also problems with the workers, but this is mainly caused by their immediate executives who do not know or are unable to introduce orders and work assignments. When you have a boss who does not care or is unobtrusive and bahat, and protects someone from the top, then a clever worker kills the term, even if it does not match.

What about those in which false diplomas were discovered? Did they get rid of it, all in the order, how did the mayor Bandic announce or have just moved to other jobs?

Nobody that fake diploma has been moved to another job, at least by my knowledge. The problem is that some have been given unjustified cancellations and the court has returned to work. The guilty ones did not fall from hair on the head. If there are false people who have not been prosecuted this is the fault of the services that protect them. Much bigger problem is that people with graduate degrees in management positions have "not finished who did not pay" and now they have little to say with questionable knowledge about the fate in their positions. The bigger the problem of responsibility, because when a worker sins something straight away, and when the manager gets something wrong and causes great financial damage, then this is a wrong business decision and nobody is doing anything for "who does that and sins"!