Scena Gorica announces a new comedy performance "And they lived happily ..?", Which will be held in 6. February starting at 20 hours. This humorous comedy is a continuation of the show "And they lived happily ...?" But this time their roles turned and viewers had the opportunity to look at the girlfriend instead of the fun girls.

All the favorite princesses in front of them have new challenges, typical of modern times. The spit (Jelena Hadži-Manev) dreams of a successful and happy marriage with her prince, who plans to sail to the marital harbor on the following day, after a two-year relationship. As the "last evening of freedom" is to be celebrated with style, a girlfriend will join her best friends: Cinderella (Mia Krajcar) and Snow White (Doris Pinčić Rogoznica), and will also come to Bezimena (Selma Mehic), a young husband who intended to marry Little Siren, but he accidentally replaced him with Bezimen, a lover of Latin and flamenco. Considering that Trnoružica spent almost the entire 20. and start 21. century, her daughter will be her princess through a theme night, the title of "Burne Twins but without a Prohibition" to show what has missed, but also reveals the details of her life.

The wedding of Fairytale Trnoružica has been carefully planned for more than a year so nobody would notice how much it missed for her centennial dream. So now it is trying to fit into a modern way of life and try out different diet and exercise regimes and is obsessed with social networks. The Cowboy Trinity, the Cinderella, who organized the girl by Trnorzic's detailed instructions, was especially embarrassed by the fact that they would join the "good" of Bezimena, the girl who was married to Prince Sir Male by mistake. Cinderella gave birth to four daughters after marriage and found a way to cash all the males of unfaithfulness. Excessive happiness in marriage did not even have Snow White, as it still mourns for the dwarves, even after six attempts of artificial fertilization fails to get pregnant, and apart from it grows from her husband. What has further happened, what kind of entertainment activities are scheduled and whether friends will respond to Marriage from the wedding or will convince her story to have a happy resumption, viewers will discover on Monday, 6. February at Scene Gorica.

Nina Horvat is directed by Frana Marija Vranković, directed by Marta Crnobrnja, costumes by Katarina Radošević Galić, choreographer Selma Mehić, and in the author's team there are three musicians Ivan Čaće, Luka Ivoš and Mario Bokulić. This already tested team announced a special performance "And they lived happily ..." on the occasion of the 27 World Theater Day. March at 20 lessons at Scena Gorica, with a previous performance at Ivanić Grad 7. March.