School uniforms could resume in Zagreb's primary schools. Mayor Bandić has been dosed, and the idea is well-liked by his former deputy, now a candidate for the election, Sandri Švaljek. By introducing a uniform, the mayor notes, all the students would be equal, regardless of the property status of their parents.

Uniforms will not be compulsory for all schools but will only have those who consent to it, of course, with the consent of the student or their parents.

- Why did I get that proposal? So to reduce these social tensions and differences, to bring people back to dignity. Each school will have its own color, its logo, its corner and its shields. If interest is high, we will engage our Uriho, hire our institution where he works over a 60 percent of disabled people, hire people and make them uniforms - said the Mayor Milan Bandic adding that uniforms, if they really are introduced, will be funded from the City Budget.

The idea likes the candidate for the Zagreb mayor Sandri Švaljek. School uniform, she says, has beautiful memories in her.

"I'm from the time we wore uniforms in school to make no difference between us. I am a proponent of that - he briefly commented on Bandic's idea Sandra Švaljek.

Each school will be able to independently design the odor

The proposal has already been presented to all primary schools in the city. Namely, the head of education of the City of Zagreb Ivica Lovrić sent letters to the schools on school uniforms for children from the first to the eighth grade, which will be financed by the City of Zagreb if parents, students and teachers agree with the proposal. In the letter he has posted N1 television states that each school will be able to independently design a uniform, and for those who can not design it alone, design professionals will be provided.

- Improving classroom discipline and creating a better school climate for achieving high academic achievements, reducing the incidence of violence, respecting teachers and school staff, raising self-esteem and self-confidence, developing feelings of belonging to the classroom and school environment - some of the benefits of school uniforms. Croatian schools are one of the few in Europe that do not have them. With the initiative of introducing school uniforms to the elementary schools of Zagreb we want to help our parents in their efforts to buy expensive clothes and footwear or other items that highlight visible social differences among children, protect their children from all forms of abuse, violence, discrimination, abuse or neglect by peers - quotes Lovric in the letter.