The PINK - Life Association celebrated the World Cancer Day in Cvjetni Square with the aim of raising awareness of cancer diseases, their prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Through educational leaflets, public outreach and media, they wanted to inform as many citizens about the importance of preventing malignant diseases by adopting healthy living habits and existing National Cancer Program.

Malignant neoplasms (cancer) with a share of 27,9% are the second cause of mortality in the Republic of Croatia. In 2014. A total of 21 434 new cancer patients were reported in Croatia, and 13 939 persons died (HZJZ, Cancer Registry, Croatia. Cancer Incidence in Croatia 2014., Bulletin 39, Zagreb 2016).

In men, 53% is excreted on women 47% of new cancer patients. In the female population most common are breast cancer (26%), bronchial and lung cancer (8%), colon cancer (8%), cervix (6%). In the male population, the most common are: bronchial and lung cancers (19%), prostate cancer (15%), colon cancer (10%), rectal neoplasm and anus rectum (7%), bladder cancer (7%).

According to statistics from 2013. year standardized cancer mortality rate for the EU was 265 on 100 000 residents. Croatia, along with Hungary, of all 28 members of the EU holds an insignificant first place with a mortality rate over 330 to 100 000 residents.

Photo: Katarina Kanceljak