Željko Marušić

This morning we met Zeljko Marusic, a healer, a journalist and a passionate traveler who visited almost all continents and across the 60 countries. We talked about the reasons for mass emigration from Our Beautiful and about whether the "outdoors" is really much better than in Croatia.

Good morning, introduce yourself briefly. What do you do?

I am a person who is a bit more difficult to present because I am dealing with two different jobs at the same time. I was a journalist, I believe or not, from the seventh grade of elementary school where I founded a school book and edited the first 13 numbers, to become famous for the unique tourist magazine "Turist plus" - a bilingual tourist magazine that was full of 12 years. Today, more than a decade, I heal bioenergy by the method of Zdenko Domančić, which makes me particularly happy.

You often travel. Where were you all?

With the usual shorter journeys I travel every year for a further trip. I was the 60 country, traveling all over the continent except Australia, and the last country I visited was Russia, or Kaliningrad, where tourists are just not coming. As a tourist journalist I was a guest of many ministries of tourism, tourist boards, hotel and travel agencies, and as I was the regional director of a Swiss publishing house at the time, many states have gone a dozen times.

What did you enjoy the most of these trips?

I particularly liked Mexico (where I was a dozen times) and the Caribbean. The United States and Canada are huge countries that need plenty of time to tour, I love Tunisia, Indochina is indescribably beautiful, India is particularly interesting, and Black Africa is something special. From European cities - London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam are at the top of the list of favorite, and I put Austria on top of its culture, Turkey because of its diversity, Italian interests do not need to be particularly emphasized, and there are also magical Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic. Chicago has broken me from my leg because of my architecture, and the South American temperament. But I still think that I know all the countries of the former SFRY that I have visited on 12 times, and that there are no villages in which I have not been.

How is it out there and is it better in Croatia? Is she "home-the-most beautiful" worth it?

I think today we can no longer think in the way: "At home is the most beautiful". The time has gone by, in which I grew up and grown up, how Yugoslavia was the most beautiful and the best, and what, as a way of thinking, simply transferred to Croatia.

Today is the most beautiful place where I can live as a man. I will give the example of Germans and Thailand. As Thailand has a nice climate, while in Europe it is cold, Germans and other Europeans stay there for six to eight months a year, thus saving on the expense since it is possible to rent a house for the 2000 Euro per year. Food is cheap and the other costs are low. But honestly, Croatia is the country in which the best is still alive. Let's not forget that almost all of us have homes, houses, cottages or cottages, which gives us great financial security. This is probably the reason why there is no social bunta.

If at home it is the most beautiful - why? If not, why not?

As I was raised in an old fashioned way to live in the most beautiful place in the world, wherever I went I went back to Croatia. I happened to be on the American continent for two months, and when I landed at the Zagreb airport I had enough to "smell" our air and I was able to fly back.

If we look at the way of life and its relation to it and its obligations, and to socializing people, Croatia is really a great place to live. But, let's look at the growing conservatism, the lack of tourist events (I always laugh softly when I hear the slogan of the Croatian Tourist Board: Croatia is full of life!) And the lack of politicians, including a few experts, I prefer to choose another country.

As you look at all those people leaving Croatia, should they ever think about it before they leave?

It has always been customary to go somewhere in the world where it will be better to make money. Well, how many Americans are working in all countries of the world and will probably never return to their homeland? Look at foreigners living in Croatia. They got up there and loved them!

The question is with which he intends to move from Croatia. I'm trying to imagine the house and garden of a Slavonac who can grow everything in his estate for his normal life. The Slavons are leaving a lot, and Međimurje, Zagorac and Podravci can live on small estates. Is it a matter of inadequacy, of reluctance to work on the ground, or of succumbing to political propaganda?

Yes, for any such a big turning point in life, one should really think well. Here I would like to point out the experience with patients who come to bioenergy therapy for depression. Almost 90 has been working abroad, enough to point to the fact that living abroad is difficult if it does not get away from the desire to achieve business success and not money (mere survival).

Word to end, message?

Smart in the head - my message. First of all, you do not have to go to the "baptized stories" but to persuade yourself what others are talking about. Life is not easy, but it has to be enjoyed in it, find sense and dare to change from thinking to work. Of course you have to dare say no, I will not and will not, because only in this way can you achieve awareness, self-confidence and success.

Fortunately, many Croatian citizens have houses, apartments and similar holiday facilities, so they do not have to pay for hotels, but at the same time they are bad because they do not travel overseas and are denied access to other cultures and views. Namely, when other cultures and peoples meet, it is only then that they can be appreciated, but also to work on improving and changing their lives.