Davor Bernardić

Regularly monthly survey agency Promotions plus on social and political preferences CRO Demoskop, conducted in the period between 01. and 03. February, shows some interesting findings about relations in the Croatian and Zagreb political arena.

When it comes to politicians who are active on the scene in the Croatian metropolis, Anka Mrak Taritaš and Davor Bernardi are falling in popularity while Ivan Pernar is still growing steadily.

So Anka Mrak Taritaš is on the list of popularity at the state level in the fourth place with a choice of 6,9 percent (a month ago 7 percent), while Davor Bernardi is now fifth with a choice of 6 percent (a month ago 7,3 percent). HNS mayor candidate for the first time is more popular than the SDP leader.

The big increase in the ranking of positive politicians, as we have mentioned, was recorded for the parliamentary representative of Ivan Pernar, who since the conquest of the current convocation of the Croatian Parliament recorded a steady growth of the elections. In four months of exploration, this parliamentarian came to the sixth place with a choice of 5,5 percent and left behind numerous other politicians as well as the president of the Living Wall of Virology Sincic. However, Pernar is also among the negative politicians in the top third place with a choice of 11,7 percent (according to the 3,2 percent in January). Thus, it recorded a strong growth in both the positive and the negative scale.

Among the ten most prominent domestic politicians are Zoran Milanović (4,4 percent), Božo Petrov (4,1 percent), Zdravko Maric (3,4 percent) and Zlatko Hasanbegović (2,6 percent).

The top of the negative list of Croatian politicians is held by two politicians in the wake of a political career, which is also visible to the lesser advantage over other participants in the political arena. At the top of both charts is Zoran Milanovic with a choice of 13,5 percent (a month ago 13,4 percent). His former main competitor and former HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko is second place with a choice of 12,6 percent (compared with last month's 17,2 percent). Among the top ten most unpopular domestic politicians are Milorad Pupovac (6,7 post), Andrej Plenković (6,6 post), Kolinda Grabar Kitarović (6,3 post), Ivo Sanader (3,4 post), Božo Petrov (3,0 post) and Pavo Barišić ).