The XXth International Festival of Alternative Theater Expression FAKI is held by 23.05. to 27.05.2017. in the premises of the former factory Medika in Pierotti's 11 in Zagreb. FAKI, as an alternative theater, street theater, performance, off and low budget theater festival, has become a central location in the last few years to offer an overview of innovative, critical and independent international performance scenes held by traveling artists and companions whose aesthetics and poetics compare and enhance each other , creating new performance styles and criteria. Another important aspect of FAKI is political action towards a more just, more independent and authentic social resonance, to a "human-shared planet" (Steve Biko). Every year, FAKI chooses a festival theme that wants to turn its attention to 'deeply rooted, rude, mutilating, faithful and primitive socio-political problems'.

- In the dark of all the facts about human rights such as this jubilee edition of the festival, we devoted ourselves to the struggle against racial discrimination, the memory of apartheid and one of his great rebels, writer and activist Steve Bikou, who founded the Movement of Black Minds in the middle of 1960. We invite all performing artists and collectives to consider the topic of racial discrimination against black people, to report their performance to participate in 20. FAKI-ROM. FAKI also offers artistic residences for final work on the new project and the international premiere at the opening of the festival. Our spaces are equipped with basic technical elements (light, sound, projection screen and projector, technicians, inspectors). For artists living outside of Zagreb, FAKI covers part of travel expenses, modest accommodation and vegetarian meals. FAKI does not give art royalties and dues. Entrance to the whole festival is free - they announced from the FAKI association.

Applications are open to 05.03.2017.

Completed application forms, which can be downloaded at, and a description of the project, motivation letter and resume biography to resend to e-mail